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Are you a UFCW member? Share your story about why hazard pay is important to you.

Whether you work at a grocery store, pharmacy, senior care facility, hospital, or in meatpacking and food processing, your union believes that you have earned and deserve hazard pay.

By sharing your story about the risks you face at work, you are helping to send a message to our employers.


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Right now there is a health and safety crisis in workplaces across New York. Workers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are without proper personal protective equipment; sanitation workers collecting medical waste without masks and gloves; warehouse workers in crowded, fast-paced conditions without means to socially distance or time to wash their hands frequently; and farmworkers whose living quarters are so tight that infection rates have spiraled out of control.

That is why we are asking you to send a letter to your New York state legislator urging them to pass legislation so our workers and communities are adequately protected from Covid-19.

#WeAreTheFrontLine #UFCW

Essential workers are putting their lives on the line every day during this crisis–they are providing healthcare, ensuring that workers have the ability to travel to their jobs, processing food and stocking grocery stores, collecting garbage and keeping our streets clean, delivering packages, energy and telecommunication services, and keeping our government functioning.





This will give us the same protection and services that states are giving to other frontline workers such as healthcare, police, fire, etc.