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In Memoriam

In memory of our UFCW2013 union brothers and sisters
We remember and honor all of our UFCW members lost in 2020

We honor our members who were essential workers who lost their lives in the Coronavirus pandemic
Our hearts are with the survivors dealing with this horrible loss of their co workers, family members and loved ones.

Genaro Flores

Delfin Ayala

Kenneth Screen

Candice Pereira

Mohan Ramnarine

Yvette Dessin

Elizabeth Agyeman

Ruben Munoz

Manuel Herrera

Felix Perez

Ellis Taylor

Helen Monah

Pablo Mena

Juan Bermudez

Ciro Molero

Victor Almodovar

Willaim Vallejo

Ulysses Cauthen

Marie Jean

Delfon Cain

Tedora Patino

Anthony Young Jr

Juan Oropeza

Emanuel Mirville

Jose Ninos

Santos Romero

Robert Trojanowski

Pierre Salnave

Anthony Vasquez

Daniel Allen

Bernabe Garcia

Gizella Penke

Miguel Santos

Tyrell Bourne

Feng Chi Peng

Angel Valentin

Tauren Karstens

Maria Delcid

Luis Najera

Rafael Tavares

Andy Boodie

Antonio Gasaway

Hector Villegas

Maria Teresa Laina

Charles Lewis

Santo Scorpo

Roberto Herrera

Lamonte Richardson

Jose Cueva