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Message From the President

Posted on September 24, 2020


Attached is a letter from Joe Biden that lays out his commitment to working men and women in this country and the UFCW, the foundation to make things better for the Working Middleclass. Please share this letter with our members, your families, your friends, etc. We MUST regain the White House but, more important, we MUST regain the Senate as well. Over the last four years, Trump and his cronies have made us the laughing-stock of the world; so far they have only taken care of BIG Business and the top 1% of the wealthy. They have turned their backs on the Working Middleclass; they have turned their backs on the very people who have built this country into what it once was for their own personal greed and prosperity.

It is IMPERATIVE that we Get Out The Vote (GOTV) this November and that we put someone in the White House that can not only  lead this country back to its proper standing in the world’s but, someone that can lead it back to its high standard of INTEGRITY as well. He has turned the American people against themselves; he has undone the progress made over decades in the fight for civil rights and equality; he has undone a woman’s right to choose; he has undone and undermined a workers right to bargain collectively and fairly; he has undone decades of work on environmental protections; he has put the Nation –AT-RISK during a Global Pandemic…. And in the process he ruined the economy; bringing the Nation’s unemployment level to record high’s; lying to the American people about the severity of a Global Pandemic – he put lives at risk unnecessarily and his slow response cost American lives… is THIS what our nation’s President is supposed to do ?!

These things are just the tip of the iceberg that he has collectively ruined in this country over the 4 years…. Do you really want/need to see the everlasting damage he can do in another 4 years ?!

NOW is the time to make sure everyone is motivated to get out in November to take the necessary steps to make a change in the National interest and to take back our country. We MUST pull together and we MUST make sure we send Trump back to where he belongs – running his businesses and casino’s; oh, that’s right… sorry, he ran them into bankruptcy…. Maybe just send him packing !

Download the letter here