Where do my dues go?

Where do my dues go?

Each dime you pay in dues helps the union maintain the strength it needs to win strong contracts. No other investment gives you so much in return. Here are a few of the things that Local 2013 often negotiates for:

  • Wage increases
  • Safe conditions on the job
  • Reasonable workload requirements
  • Job security and seniority rights
  • Retirement security
  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Protection from unfair treatment and favoritism by the boss

Your dues are spent solely to benefit the membership. Obviously, it takes money to carry out all the functions a union must perform on behalf of its members. Your dues dollar helps pay for:

  • The salaries of the servicing representatives and organizers
  • Experts who voice your concerns to city, county, state and national legislators on issues of concern to working families
  • Compensate attorneys and pay the union’s share of arbitration cases
  • General operating costs of keeping the union office open and staffed
  • Organizing non-union work places
  • Per capita dues which sustain our share of the UFCW International Union costs and those of other local, state and regional labor organizations with which Local 2013 is affiliated.

Your dues do not pay for insurance or other benefits. The benefits you receive from your employer are defined by the terms of the contract ratified by the union membership and agreed on by the company.

As members of our union, you have rights defined both by local union bylaws as well as the constitution of the International Union, which is voted on and amended by delegates from locals across the country at the International convention every five years.

Members have the right to:

  • Decide and review contract proposals
  • Participate in bargaining committees
  • Vote on your contract
  • Receive a return phone call from your representative within 24 hours
  • Stewards’ training on contract enforcement
  • Having a steward or member present during disciplinary action
  • Regular worksite service visits by a union representative
  • Quarterly area membership meetings

How can I get more involved?

In addition to attending events and meetings with the local, talk to your union representative about becoming a union steward  or member activist.

Maribel Ariza is a UFCW steward at Farmland Foods. She says she decided to become a steward once she realized that she could make a difference by learning how to help others and learning how to not be intimidated. She said the possibilities of what she can accomplish motivate her.

When asked about how it helped to join a union at her workplace, Maribel said “It means a lot, since belonging to a union makes us stronger. We feel supported. We don’t feel intimidated or like if they are treating us in a racist way. They treat us as their equals, because we have a union and we have support.”