The UFCW union is a group of workers who have banded together to negotiate with their employers for better working conditions. Sticking together this way is a fundamental right all workers have in America. A union is a democracy where workers have the biggest say and play an active part in protecting their rights on the job, and fighting for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. This hasn’t always been the case at UFCW Local 2013, but it will be from now on.

The new Elected Officers who are in charge of UFCW Local 2013, along with stewards, representatives and staff, are committed to making sure that members of Local 2013 enjoy the same rights as UFCW members in every other local across the country. We know that working people are the true leadership and voice of Local 2013 and that the staff and leadership work at your behest. Our job is to listen to your concerns and fight to protect your rights each and every day. We are working very hard to renew our union so that we can successfully reach this goal.

We have hired receptionists to answer the phone so that we can connect you to the right representative in a timely manner. We are in the process of restructuring service routes, training representatives, and improving the way they work so that union members, no matter which shift they work, will see representatives on a regular basis and get better service. We are committed to making sure every union member has access to a copy of their union contract, and representatives have begun distributing copies to stewards and members as they visit each worksite. Wherever a majority of members speak a different language, we will make a good faith effort to translate contracts and /or key provisions into a language you can read.

These are just the first steps toward renewing Local 2013 and building a local union of which members can be proud. All these changes won’t happen overnight. We need your patience, but more importantly, we need your support. Even the best representation doesn’t change what makes a union strong—it is only by being united that workers can have a voice on the job.


As members of our union, workers have the right to…

  •  decide and review contract proposals
  • participate in bargaining committees
  • vote on your contract
  • vote for new shop stewards
  • receive a return phone call from your representative within 24 hours
  • annual stewards’ training on contract enforcement
  • have a steward or member present during disciplinary action
  • regular worksite service visits by a union representative
  • quarterly area membership meetings