Local 2013 Swears in Two New Rank and File E Board Members

Local 2013 Swears in Two New Rank and File Executive Board Members


From left to right: Union Counsel Mark Belland, Yesenia Sosa, and Arthur Stroman


From left to right: Arthur Stroman, Local 2013 President Louis Mark Carotenuto, and Yesenia Sosa

Local 2013 is thrilled to announce the swearing in of two new rank and file members to the Local 2013 Executive Board.  Yesenia Sosa, shop steward at Seajet Trucking and Warehouses in Edison, New Jersey has been a proud Union member since 2004. Arthur Stroman, shop steward at Well Luck in Jersey City, New Jersey, has been an active member for over five years. Both of these members exemplify our Union values. As stewards, they’ve stood up for their co-workers and have participated in contract negotiations that have improved the lives of their fellow union members, and generations to come. Local 2013 President Louis Mark Carotenuto, the Executive staff, and Board welcome Yesenia and Arthur as they step up into a new level of union activism.