Local 2013 Helps Members Obtain U.S Citizenship

 BROOKLYN, NY- Union members gathered Saturday, June 3rd to take a part in the first ever U.F.C.W Local 2013 Citizenship Workshop. Assisted by Union staff and attorney Angel Gonzalez of UFCW International, members were able to complete all necessary paperwork to get them on the path to citizenship.

President Louis Mark Carotenuto was on hand to assist with the workshop and congratulate members on taking a big step towards becoming a citizen. “As we fight off an ugly current of anti-immigrant politicians and legislation, there is no time better than now for all of those able to become U.S citizens,” President Carotenuto said, “The ability to attain citizenship for children, the right to vote, and the security of knowing that your citizenship cannot be revoked are just some of the benefits we are happy to help our members obtain. We are proud to offer this service free to our members; helping them to avoid spending thousands of dollars at an attorney’s office.”

After the success of the first Workshop, the Union plans on holding more in the city and throughout the areas where members live and work. Stay tuned for details!