Important Safety Notice

All UFCW Local 2013 Members,

Should any member be assigned to perform a task they deem to be unsafe or potentially dangerous; witness someone performing a task or job  deemed to be unsafe or dangerous; or experience an issue they feel could potentially become unsafe, you should immediately report the issue to your location management,  your location Shop Steward, and your Union Representative.

While you should never refuse to do a work assignment, you do have the right to question and point out SAFETY Concerns. If it is a situation which you honestly believe, will absolutely put your life at risk – you should go to location management immediately as well as contacting the Union immediately and voice your concerns. The Union will then investigate the concern / claim and make the appropriate inquiries of location management. If needed, the Union bring in a Union Industrial Hygienist to conduct  investigations and safety analysis testing, file reports, suggest alternative methods which are safer.

Moreover, if it is deemed absolutely necessary, the Union can even contact the appropriate regulatory agency to step in to assure worker safety…. Always think safety when you approach any job task/assignment; we want to help assure you go home safely to your family each night just as healthy as when you left them at the start of your day.

Remember, don’t simply refuse…. Ask for help – ask for guidance – ask for your Union Rep !


In Solidarity,

Louis Mark Carotenuto
U.F.C.W Local 2013