U.F.C.W Local 2013 President Louis Mark Carotenuto On Election Day Results


“As divisive as Trump’s campaign was, he has won and it is a reality we must all live with. I see this as an indictment of how divided our country truly is. To echo the sentiment of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech this morning, we must maintain hope, dignity, and respect for one another. Together, we must rise above the toxicity and begin the work of getting our country back on track.

As a labor organization, we must renew our efforts and fight harder than ever before for our members. Clear eyed and focused on making sure that neither Trump, nor any politician that seeks to degrade the hard working and the middle class succeeds. Our Union will be committed and on the front lines of the fight to support our members as they fight to support their families and way of life, continuing to strive for sustainable, livable wages, and benefits.

We must now more than ever stand UNITED and STRONG. It was true yesterday, it is true today, and it will be true tomorrow in SOLIDARITY we have STRENGTH.”

Louis Mark Carotenuto


U.F.C.W Local 2013