Quality King Members Celebrate New Contract


After a hard-fought campaign, Quality King Repack members ratified their new contract last night.

The new agreement will provide historic raises for the 220 women in this division of Quality King, along with more vacation time, paid sick leave, union leave for steward training, and the maintenance of 100 percent employer-paid health insurance.

Over the life of the agreement, these UFCW Local 2013 members will see a 16 percent growth in wages, lifting many from minimum-wage employment for the first time in their careers.

During the campaign, the members rallied and held a delegation with elected officials and community supporters. And when management tried to retaliate against members for taking action, the union responded with an NLRB charge and wore buttons together to demonstrate unity.

After months of negotiations, the company agreed to demands that the women of Quality King should see equal pay for equal work, and that they deserve the same raises that men in other divisions received in their contracts.

The fearless women of Quality King faced down intimidation and threats over immigration status, and stuck together to win a historic agreement. Together, we are stronger.

Hasta la victoria siempre!